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From Passion Pursuits to Investment Strategy, VESTED Magazine features a diverse collection of topics and interests.

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Second Act

Whatever His Hands Find To Do

Boxer Andre Ward lay on his bedroom floor, his muscular legs propped up against the wall, trying to keep the thoughts...

Expert Angle

Safe Travels

These days, it’s hard to take a vacation without staying connected. Checking in for flights, finding hotels, and booking rideshares is...

Client Conversations

Client Conversations

In this issue, we explore early retirement package offers, the difference between value and growth investing, and how to get rid...

Investment Strategy

The Gravity-Defying World of Negative Interest Rates

There are some ground rules in life that we simply know to be true. Of the four fundamental forces of nature,...

Planning Feature

Overseas Properties

When some people think of retirement, they imagine themselves on a Carolina beach or an Arizona golf course. Merl Baker saw...

Passion Pursuits

Listen Up!

Remember Must See TV from the 1990s? If you didn’t tune in, you risked being left out at the water cooler....

Lifestyle Feature

The Age of Learning

When Kate Fulkerson, 71, signed up for an online marketing course last year, she wondered if she might be the oldest...

Money Mindset

The Fuzzy Math of Social Security

Early this year, the financial and mainstream media generated dozens of stories about how nearly all American retirees—some 96 percent of...

Lasting Legacy

The Making of a Mentor

When you think about the times you‘ve been able to guide someone else’s growth and development—whether it’s through a relationship with...

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